About us

EGF is the first community in the world who implemented blockchain technology into financial field to make the project working automatically and more explicit, accuracy. We ensure that every activities will be executed in the right way and keep our user safety.

100% of your donations to the fund will be sent directly to other people who qualified all the conditions and you will receive 6 times of others as a reward for your kindness.

You can donate to all of our different packages. We have 7 level for you to build your own community, starting from 0.5 ETH to 50 ETH. What you will get in return would be the best rewards you have ever think in your mind. Once you make a donation, you will get placed in your own 2x2 matrix for each level(s). Keep in mind that you can only receive donations from the level(s) you have donated to. In order to maximize your profit in our project, we advise you to unlock all level as quick as you can.

It is possible to receive up to 6 donations without inviting anybody, but we strongly caution against registering if that is your intention, as it is more likely you will receive nothing. However, by being a proactive donor and inviting 2 or more to donate, upon completion of each matrix, you will be re-entered in a new matrix under the person who invited you to possibly receive more donations.

Once you have invited 2 or more donors you will keep cycling each time your matrix fills.

Team Ethglobalfunds is a fundraising movement designed to help charities, businesses and individuals raise funds for virtually any legal endeavour of their choosing. And may we be so bold as to suggest, that If you are in need - your primary project be you because you can’t help others before you help yourself.


Wish you all the best, Team EGF